Welcome to the world of Allorys. A fantasy world using the Pathfinder rules system set 2,000 years after what is known as the “Godswar”, wherein magic itself was all but destroyed. Below you will find both the history of the world and it’s races, along with game mechanics for racial adjustments, magic, house rules, and information about the pantheons, nations and the cities within them.

History of Allorys

Many centuries ago was the age of Prosperity. In all the history of all the realms it was said to be a utopia. The children of the gods were in their prime. All beings shared a time of unrivaled happiness. The great kingdoms of the world were at peace, and all of the mortal races were content and fulfilled. The gods swelled with pride as they looked upon all they had created and rejoiced at the harmony of existence.

A great deal was recorded about what happened next, though much if it has been lost to time and reinterpretation. It is written that a great fireball appeared in the sky, bursting from the heavens towards the earth. The mortal races stared in awe, transfixed by such an unusual sight as the object hurtled ever closer. The impact was devastating. Those that survived the initial blast looked in horror as the dust and debris cleared. For the fireball was no fireball at all. Inside the crater, to the horror and amazement of the survivors, stood Malkass the Dark God of slaughter and murder. And with him, Lionalar, the God of protection and nobility. The two were locked in a furious battle. Looking up in horror, the mortal races saw the sky was filled with similar shapes, all plummeting from the heavens. The Gods were at war.

No one is certain what sparked the Gods War, save for the gods themselves. And they seem to have little to say on the matter. What is known, is that their war caused untold devastation to the world. Entire kingdoms were destroyed over night; whole species of animals wiped out. Millions died, some in ways too horrific to recount. For in their struggles with one another, the gods saw only each other. A missed spell here, and a forest is forever turned to stone. Another there, and parts of the land rise into the air, to hang in the sky forever after. In another battle the gods made themselves so tall as to touch the sky, literally crushing all beneath them as they battled. The land itself was shattered and separated into the continents and islands we know today.

Several of the Gods met their end during the war, but the loss of none were felt so much as Elara, Goddess of Magic. The death of Elara marked the end of the war, which by some accounts lasted for years, while others claim in lasted a matter of days. Elara alone seemed to be able to remain neutral during the war, only trying to bring peace and reason. There are many accounts of how she met her end, but most seem to conclude that while trying to stop a battle between Aragrazk, God of War and Blood lust, and Sulyssus, Goddess of Light and Healing, she stepped in between them. Unable to reverse his thrust, Aragrazk’s spear pierced her heart. Elara stood silent, blinking in confusion as she looked down at the black metal running through her chest. Sulysuss screamed out, but it was too late. Aragrazk, filled with blood lust, crudely kicked Elara off of his spear and pointed it at the goddess of light. Bellowing a battle cry, he let loose a bolt of godly lightning from his spear intending to finish her. But rather than strike the goddess down, the lightning instead sputtered and dispersed before reaching halfway to her. For in his rage, Aragrazk had forgotten that Elara herself was the mortal worlds source of magic. Her wounded state meant that all magic in the mortal realms had ceased. Engraged at Elara for preventing his victory, Aragrazk turned on her still bleeding form and raised his spear for the killing blow. Blinded by his own savagery, he ignored Sulysuss. Taking advantage of his folly and wishing to save her friend and ally, she lunged forward and swung her blade with all of her might. Aragrazk’s face still held his rage fueled sneer, even as his severed head hit the ground…

The actions of gods can not easily be undone. As Elara lay dying, she saw that her end would serve to finally stop the Godswar. All over Allorys, the few remaining gods stopped their fighting. They finally saw the cost of what they had done. With what little strength she had left, Elara held up the laws of magic long enough that her brothers and sisters would not be trapped there. Almost as one, the gods vanished from our realm. The devastation wrought by their war can never truly be described. During the war, the mortal races knew only fear, death, loss, and tragedy. But after the war, they felt other emotions. Anger, disbelief, and outrage filled their hearts. The gods had altered many things since the birth of our world, but now, the mortals would alter the gods. Almost overnight, the gods were forsaken. Altars were smashed to rubble, statues toppled, temples were burned to the ground. Holy symbols were melted down or cast into the depths. Even the holy tomes and texts were burned, and the very names of the gods began to go unspoken…

The loss of faith in the gods, and the lack of worship, dealt a mighty blow to the gods power. They had grown used to sustaining themselves on these things, and the sudden loss weakened them greatly. As one, the gods agreed their own actions were to blame, and as such, they established a decree that stated they would no longer be allowed to physically set forth in the mortal realms. Instead, they would rely on their servants, worshipers, and “avatars” if they wished to affect someone or something. For a time, the gods rested, hoping to replenish their strength, and waited for the mortals to once again look to them. But such a time did not come. The gods grew weaker still, and knew that they had to act for their own sake. Even having absorbed the powers and domains of their fallen brethren, they were forced to seek help from others. Thus the Dragons, mightiest of all the gods creations, would serve as their eyes, ears, and hands in the mortal realms. The dragons readily agreed, being all to willing to serve their creators with such a momentous honor. And thus began the Age of the Wyrm.

Dragon kind had long since been a part of the world, but it was not until the gods called upon them to watch over the mortal races that they became a significant part of it. For until that time, dragons had been content to ignore the lesser races and primarily concerned themselves only with one another. For decades the dragons held to their duty and saw to it the lower races continued to advance and rebuild after the Godswar. Stopping large scale wars, and ensuring that no one nation or peoples became to prominent or to lowly. It was also during this time that the elves slowly began to retreat from the rest of Allorys and convene on what is now known as Navan’aith. The last of the great elven cities in the world, Ilarmaius, located in what is now the Hornsaw Forrest in Brecht, was abandoned in the year 336 AG. It was only six years later in 372 AG that the Elven nation of Navan’aith announced it’s borders “off limits to all non elven kind”. As the years passed and exploration became common place, the world slowly began to learn what had happened to the continents that had been scattered by the war. in the Year 413 AG an exploration ship returned with the first documentation of what is now known as Karagal. The members of the crew told tails of a land with no light and “ghosts” in the ash that attacked their party. Slowly, the world’s races and peoples began to reunite with one another. What were once a single people, had been altered by the Godswar, the fall of magic, and time, to become different in many ways. The Nah’kri were first discovered in the year 414 AG by Thalovaran explorers who returned home with news of the new “insect” like race apparently spawned during the war.

Scattered throughout the world are the remnants of great nations lost in the war. Swallowed by the earth and buried with time, many of these forgotten sites sit patiently, awaiting brave adventurers to uncover their secrets. Today, tales tell of lost forms of magic, enchanted weapons and armor, and treasures worth a thousands castles waiting to be unearthed.


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