Crown of the Great King

Ornately carved stone crown set with seven precious stones representing the seven Caers of the Dwarven Kingdom


-Blindsense 60ft.
-Comprehend Languages
-Alarm (mental only) 5th level caster
-Grants Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization (or the Greater versions should the King already have those feats) in any one of the following weapons: Battleaxe, Dwarven Waraxe, Greataxe, Heavy Mace, Heavy Flail, Heavy Pick, Warhammer. Even if the King doesn’t meet the prerequisites.


So named because the Great King was the last dwarf to wear this relic. Once placed on the head of a true Dwarven King, it cannot be removed by any means save the King’s death. When the King dies, his soul enters service of the crown for the entire reign of the next King. This releases the previous King’s spirit so it can finally move on to rest. This exchange of souls is visible to everyone present at the ceremony when the new King is chosen. Traditionally, the soul of the old takes off his crown and solemnly places it on the head of the new saying, “Your reign is ended. You now serve in my stead to the end of your Heir’s days.” The new soul then waits as the heirs to the throne are arranged in order of birthright. The actual crown is placed upon each in turn until it can’t be removed. This choosing process is said to be a form of divine intervention as the first in line isn’t always chosen. The truth is that the new soul’s first duty is to choose his own successor. So it was for hundreds of years passed from King to King until the Great King met his end at the fall of the golden age of Dwarven history. It is believed that one day, when the crown is found, the Dwarven kingdom shall be restored to it’s full glory under the banner of the new High King.

Crown of the Great King

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