Items from the Crypt


Bundle of 10 arrows – +1

Bundle of 5 arrows – +1 ghost touch

Bundle of 2 arrows – +1 undead bane

2 silvery potions – Lessor Restoration

Scrolls – Detect Undead
2 Hide from Undead
Protection from Evil

4 Smokey vials in a custom case with a scarab with an eye on it’s back.
made for 6 – Haunt Syphons: a spirit is captured by 3d6 damage. Open vial when spirit manifests.

Spirit Board – (Ouja board) allows communication to other side. Brass planchette moves in seance. Target resents contact and give brief answers. One word spelled out or yes or no.

5 vials – cure light wounds


Items from the Crypt

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