Alduin is a bustling city centrally built among Alteria’s most productive Apple Orchards. The town is as physically beautiful as it is kind. The cobblestone streets are clean and lined with a wonderful array of flowering trees and shrubs. From wagon carts and citizen’s homes, inns and taverns, as well as the monumental Grand Arena, beautiful paintings and carvings can be seen every where.

The depiction of the four seasons is the most prominent theme and divides the city into four main districts, each with it’s own abundance of wonder. Two large crystalline sculptures depicting Alterian soldiers with weapons aloft serve as a gateway into the Winter District. This district is located in the northern section of Alduin and is home to the Town Hall, Mason’s Guild, Grand Library, and Arcanum along with various shops and suppliers. To the east is the large Spring District. Inns, taverns, restaurants, and specialty shops crowd the streets and offer their exotic goods from near and far. This is also home the Grand Arena, a multi functional gem of entertainment. The southern Summer District boasts of several blacksmith shops as well as housing the Militia House and Armory. Also located here is the Atlerian Exchange and the Alduin Business Registry. The Autumn District lies to the west and houses the Trade Authority, Carpenter’s Guild, Stables, School yard and Temple.

The residents of Alduin are a kind hearted people. They boast proudly of honorable work and one’s truth in words. They proudly reflect their heritage in manor and dress.

“That fellow there is either a nobleman, or an Alduin merchant. You can never tell.” – Philson Grimes, Coachman

Lawful Good / Civilized
Imports – Lumber, Marble, Silk
Exports – Wine, Clothing, Furniture

Population: 16,754
Moderately Taxed
GP Limit: 25 GP Common / 2500 GP Wealthy
Coummunity Wealth: 709,000 Gold Pieces.

Mayor – Egin Tahir (LG)
Human Male Aristocrat
(Tall and fit, short black beard, honorable)

Captain of the Guard – Taff Hollowey (LG)
Human Male Fighter 13
(Golden armor, white tabbard, blue trim)

Town Guard (20 per Dist.) (Steel bp, gold,)
Taelin Wray (NG) Male Halfelf Fighter 9
Elie Pierce (NG) Female Halfelf Fighter 8
Felris Band (LG) Male Human Fighter 7
Henry Baker (NG) Male Human Fighter 7
Tish Bronzfoot (NG) Female Dwarf Fighter 6
Brend Bronzfoot (NG) Male Dwarf Fighter 5
Kelvis Briar (NG) Male Halforc Fighter 5
Mila Leeis (LG) Female Halfelf Fighter 5
Lonis Biggs (LG) Male Human Fighter 5
Bran Kollish (LG) Male Human Fighter 5

Militia 950 Commoners (Blue, Yellow, Green, Red Chain mail)

High Priest – Tallis Albrin (NG)
Human Male Cleric 10
(Brown robe, gold cord, short white beard)

Clergy (White Robes)
Lorilie Mire (CG) Female Halfelf Cleric 6
Lainey Felds (NG) Female Human Cleric 4
Rissa Mardew (LG) Female Human Cleric 3
Gole Maljin (LG) Female Human Cleric 3
Darian Fainola (LG) Male Human Cleric 1
Durnsay Saller (NG) Male Human Cleric 1
Obyn Marshall (NG) Male Human Cleric 1

Winter District

Town Hall
Mayor – Egin Tahir (LG)
Human Male Aristocrat
District Representatives:
Winter – Hervor Alamar (LG)
Male Human Aristocrat
Spring – Cerene Gerhart (CG)
Female Halfelf Aristocrat
Summer – Daggin Brundlemin (LG)
Male Gnome Aristocrat
Autumn – Lanik Dubree (N)
Male Human Aristocrat

Mason’s Guild
Owner – Belfin Firebeard (NG)
Male Dwarf Fighter (4) Expert (4)
(Red hair, gruff exterior, soft hearted)

Grand Library
Librarian – Irma Dawn (N)
Female Human Historian (6)
(elderly beauty, silver hair, polite)

Raylis Kellin (NG)
Male Human Wizard 5
Andrella Kellin (NG)
Female Human Wizard 5
(Married couple who playfully argue who is better at magic)

The Great Wolf’s Den (Inn)
Owner – Sanders Duskwallow (CG)
Male Human Commoner
(Chubby and balding, joviel,infatuated with the Ulfar and modeled his Inn after their culture)
Accommodations: Noble (a large private room with large bed, private bath with hot water on request, drinks on request, and private chamber pot in a separate chamber) for 2 gp/day
Interesting Clientele: an Ulfar Shaman telling tales of his people
Rumors Overheard: The Ulfar Feast is so life like, the visions once killed a man. Someone is trying to poison the city’s aquaduct.
Today’s Menu:
Breakfast: Blood pudding, Duck eggs, Peach, Wild rice (cost 5sp).
Lunch: Rabbit stew, Duck eggs, Corn, Blackberries (cost 6sp).
Supper: Beef steak, Peas, Artichoke, Baked Potatoes, Raisin pie (cost 6sp).
Drinks: Ale, Whiskey, Apple Wine, Maedur
*Feast of the Ulfar – traditional dishes of the Ulfar, along with a mystical performance by the shaman who sends the group on a dream quest accompanied by visions of their adventure in the Lodge’s central hearth fire. If victorious in their quest, their stay is free and upgraded to the Chieftain’s Suite. (cost 100gp, feeds all patrons)

Out of the Cold (Tavern)
Owner – Many Giebler (N)
Male Gnome Commoner
(Hard of hearing, Jokester)
Interesting Clientele: A sorcerer performing magic tricks.
Rumors Overheard: A strange wagon rolled into town. A Group of Karagal mercenaries is looking for work.
Drinks: Ale, Whiskey, Apple Wine.

Northern Winds (General Store)
Owner – Kira Hollis (N)
Female Human Commoner
(Stout, homely, pleasant)
This stores sells goods at 100% of their normal value.

Spring District

Grand Arena
Arena Master – Delvin Manister (CN)
Male Human Expert (5)
(Wealthy, charismatic and confidant, Alduin’s most eligable bachelor)
4 Story Collaseum that is used to host all manor of entertainment events. Plays are the most popular, followed by chariot races, as well as non-lethal sparring matches and the occasional wizards duel (Usually between Mr. & Mrs. Kellin). For a scheduel of upcoming events or to register for one, visit the Alduin Business Registry.

Stately Angel (Inn)
Owner – Thomas Gerhart (CG)
Male Human Commoner
(Handsome, Greying hair, married to Cerene Gerhart)
Accommodations: Noble (a large private room with large bed, private bath with hot water on request, snacks on request, and private chamber pot in a separate chamber) for 3 gp/day
Interesting Clientele: Dwarf buying rounds for the house.
Rumors Overheard: An enchanter is compelling others to steal for him.
Today’s Menu:
Breakfast: Fried perch, Quail eggs, Duck eggs, Blackberries, Marzipan (cost 3gp).
Lunch: Sausage, Chicken eggs, Corn, Blueberries (cost 2gp).
Supper: Stuffed trout, Corn, Peas, Oatmeal, Apple pie (cost 2gp).
Drinks: Honey Mead, Apple Wine, Dwarven Whiskey, *Tears of the Angel (sweet tasting wine with random potion effect – 50gp)

Injured Warrior (Inn)
Owner – Bernal Bosack (N)
Male Human Fighter 2
(retired adventurer, missing left hand)
Accommodations: Common (a placed on a raised, heated floor, blanket and pillow, amongst higher-class company) for 3 sp/day
Interesting Clientele: Hang out for off duty Town Guard.
Rumors Overheard: Adventurers exploring a dungeon have not returned in a week.
Today’s Menu:
Breakfast: Bacon, Chicken eggs, Coarse rye bread (cost 1sp).
Lunch: Sausage, Soft cheese, Blackberries (cost 2sp).
Supper: Whole duck, Potato, Nut bread, Pecan pie (cost 4sp).
Drinks: Ale, Apple Wine

Whispering Cloud (Inn)
Owner – Brilman Omlar (NG)
Male Human Commoner
(Elderly, shakes, story teller)
Interesting Clientele: A group of singing halflings.
Rumors Overheard: The streets are huanted by an unseed specter whose ghostly songs echoe thoughout the city.
Accommodations: Good (a small private room with one bed, some amenities and a covered chamber pot) for 5 sp/day
Today’s Menu:
Breakfast: Fried perch, Goose eggs, Quail eggs, Melon, Flatbread (cost 6sp).
Lunch: Chicken half, Sharp cheese, Green beans, Blackberries (cost 8sp).
Supper: Broiled catfish, Taro, Turnips, Rice, Rhubarb pie (cost 8sp).
Drinks: Ale, Honey Mead, Apple Wine

Caslon’s (Restaurant)
Owner – Caslon Giff (N)
Male Human Expert 5
Interesting Clientele: Aristocrats
Today’s Menu:
Supper: Slow Cooked Boar, Sea Turtle Soup, Sweet Bread, Tropical Fruits (cost 8gp)
Drinks: Various Wine

Hobb’s Meat (Restaurant)
Hobb Dredger (CG)
Male Halforc Fighter 6 Expert 4
(favors the underdog, raunchy but good humored, Secret BBQ Recipe)
Interesting Clientele: Any
Today’s Menu: Always Grilled BBQ. (cost 2sp)
Drinks: Water “All the flavor you need is in the food”

Drinks-n-Games (Tavern)
Milton Halfsprig (CN)
Male Halfling Rogue 3
(Acrobatic, show-off)
Interesting Clientele: Various gamblers
Drinks: Ale, Whiskey, *Commoner’s Cup (bottomless cup of ale – 4sp)
Games: Dice, Cards, Rat Races

Heaven’s Minstrel (Tavern)
Owner – Anrod Santilli (N)
Male Human Expert 3
(Quiet, Excellant Musician)
Interesting Clientele: Aristocrats, Delvin Manister
Drinks: Various Wines

Cadwyn’s Silk (Clothing Shop)
Owner – Cadwyn Schmid (NG)
Male Human Expert 6
(Elderly, perfect posture, small round glasses)
This store sells goods at 115% of their normal value.

Prestine Pearls (Jewelry)
Aria Lowenfeld (N)
Female Human Expert 2
This store sells goods at 110% of their normal value.

Great Fancy (Scroll and Potion Shop)
Owner – Yvette Clos (N)
Female Halfelf Alchemist 3
(Young, shy, attractive, dark complexion, white hair)
This store sells goods at 100% of their normal value.

Summer District

Militia House
Home of the City Guard and the oldest building in Alduin. It is the only building without lavishing decorations due to it’s historical significance.

Manager – Town Guard
Although each district maintains a smaller, more readily available armory, this single story stone building adjacent to the Militia House stores the bulk of Alduin’s militia supplies.

Atlerian Exchange
Owner – Regdar Obringer (NG)
Male Human Commoner
(Speaks quietly, adamantite key on a necklace)
Located close to the Militia House, this lavishingly decorated building contains three large master crafted vaults used in the storage and exchange of currency.

Alduin Business Registry
Manager – Cathra Harper (N)
Female Human Commoner
(Elderly, skinny, rude, nicknamed Cathra the Harpy by local children)
Although the primary responsibility of this establishment is taxes, it also approves the events of local businesses and oversees scheduling of such to avoid conflicts.

Dornin’s Forge (Blacksmith)
Owner – Dornin Grey (N)
Male Human Fighter 3
(Large, balding, winner of the Grand Arena’s Strong man competition)
This stores sells goods at 100% of their normal value.

The Art of Steel (Blacksmith)
Owner – Fawn Valloway (NG)
Female Halfelf Expert 4
(Beautiful, talented artist, masterful in decorative metal works)
This stores sells goods at 130% of their normal value.

*A Man’s Choice (Blacksmith)
Owner – Brodin Canly (NG)
Human Male Expert 4
(Bald, clean shaven, in a rivelry with his twin brother)
This stores currently sells goods at 110% of their normal value but changes based on riverly.

*A Real Man’s Choice (Blacksmith)
Owner – Bradin Canly (NG)
Human Male Expert 4
(Long hair, full beard, in a rivelry with his twin brother)
This stores currently sells goods at 109% of their normal value but changes based on riverly.

*These two blacksmith shops are located directly across the street from one another and vocally engage in a suitable public rivalry. aka, they talk smack!

Adventurous Tasks
Owner – Grimus Goldbane (CN)
Male Dwarf Fighter 3
(Stout, missing leg, ex adventurer)
This small shop is a mess with bullitins and paperwork, trunks and shelves, but everything is instantly found. From local needs to far away treasures, this shop manages the need customer’s need for Adventurers. Grimus started this business as a way to stay connected to adventures and now has plans to expand.
Available Tasks:
- Northern Orchards plagued by giant wasps
- Hobb Dredger needs rare ingrediant
- Local farmer has unearthed an ancient burial chamber
- Yvette Clos seeks aide in finding her real parents.
- Sanders Duskwallow needs items traded for in the north
- Fawn Valloway needs some rare ore
- Cadwyn Schmid needs some rare and dangerous silk
- A troupe of halflings in town need aide with a homeland task
- Ghosts sighteded in the Western farms
- Caslon Giff seeks game hunters for his exotic dishes
- Milton Halfsprig needs and item to pay off a debt
- The Trade Authority needs proven adventurers to escort one of their trade wagons.

Autumn District

The Cathedral of Sulysus
A glorious combination of artistic beauty and engineering wonder, this temple to the Goddess of Purity dominates the skyline, making it the tallest building in Alduin.

Shrine of Evanell
At the center of the Autumn District is a giant water fountain depicting the God of Inspiration playing an instrument while surrounded by his beautiful muses.

The Trade Authority
Owner – Lanik Dubree (N)
Male Human Aristocrat
(Elderly, long white beard)
Manager – Callis Dubree (N)
Male Human Aristocrat (Lanik’s son)
(Intelligent, meticulous)
This massive business is not only responsible for all the trade coming in or going out of Alduin, but it is also the largest single business in the city. Dozens of warehouses, teams of horses and the largest employment roster in the region.

Carpenter’s Guild
Owner – Manis Calwrite (NG)
Male Halfelf Expert 5
(Tanned and fit, blonde hair)
From standing timber cut, to custum handcrafted furniture, this is the place to go for anything wood related.

Tired Pony (Stables)
Owner – Findle Brillman (NG)
Male Human Commoner
(Strong. tall, short red beard)
Accommodations: Full (Private stall, fresh hay, oats, brushed, re-shoed) for 6 sp/day.

The Stable Boys (Stables)
Owner – Valen Mills (N)
Male Human Commoner
(16 years old, skinny, missing tooth)
Owner – Dain Kyser (CN)
Male Human Commoner
(16 years old, burn scar across face)
Accommodations: Poor (Cramped stalls, old hay, oats,) for 2 sp/day.

School House
Headmistress – Tilly Ravenfeld
Female Human Expert
(Black hair in a bun, glasses, young, elegant)
Alysen Broomwik (NG) Female Human Commoner
Meela Rifton (N) Female Human Commoner
Tulga Brack (CG) Female Halforc Commoner
Bran Luudway (N) Male Human Commoner
Grand educational facility that also doubles as an orphanage when needed, but children find good homes too quickly for any permenant facility needs.


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