Seguro (haven in Ratakan). also known as “the Half-orc haven”, is a large tropical island city known for it’s “easy” life style, extensive pearl and honey exports, and it’s large percentage of half-orc citizens. While technically neither Alteria or Thalovar have true dominion over the island, it is none less ruled by nobles from both nations.

People of note:

Shilo, Alterian halfling and “unofficial” mayor. shilo.jpg

Merrik, retired Alterian soldier. Shilo’s “go to” guy. Merrik.jpg

Lady Ashana, Alterian head priestess at the local church of Sulysuss. Lady_Ashana.jpg

Karn, a.k.a. “The Shark of Seguro”. 1/2 orc, 1/2 Ratakan. Local “merchant”. karn.jpg
Fiora, one of Karn’s lieutenants. Might have a thing for Alleg. Fiora.jpg


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