Tarsys differs greatly from it’s sister nation Alteria.

Close to 400 years ago, the Great nation of Alteria suffered a sudden shift of power as the King’s arrogant bastard son Tarsun, then a commander of the Alterian Legion, suggested that the only way to handle the western Narboskian threat was to create an army of elite soldiers, march west, and simply wipe them out. The king not only disregarded the idea, but publicly chastised Tarsun as a fool. Tarsun, angered at his father’s “cowardice” and his own humiliation, decided the king was no longer fit to rule. In secret Tarsun began to gather like minded soldiers. Men who had lost loved ones to the skirmishes with Narbosk. Members of the legion imprisoned for various “war crimes”. The more violent the better. Those earliest days of Tarsun’s “recruitment” instilled the three basic ideals of Tarsys’s belief structure that still hold to this day.
  • Physical might and skill at arms can conquer all obstacles.
  • Weakness can not be tolerated.
  • Loyalty or death.

After several months of gathering and training loyal followers, Tarsun set his plan into action. a small contingent of Tarsun’s new legion marched from Alteria into Narbosk under the cover of night. The plan was two fold. A group of soldiers would march into Narbosk and attack unprovoked. They would retreat slowly, goading the enemy into following them and retaliating against Alteria. Once the enemy attacked, Tarsun and his men would save the kingdom by stepping up and slaying the intruders. Tarsun’s plan almost worked. In the ensuing chaos, several innocent alterians were slain. Tarsun and his men were hailed as heroes. But unbeknownst to Tarsun, one of his men, a young soldier named Caldus sealed their fate.

In the attack, Caldus’s sister had been slain and he was wracked with guilt. Caldus went to the king and explained what he and Tarsun’s men had done and begged for forgiveness. Six days after the attack, Tarsun and his men arrived in the capital to be honored by the king. As planned, during the ceremony, Tarsun called the king out, claiming that his weakness and lack of courage had been the cause of the attack and that he should be king. The king, a saddened look in his eye, simply raised his hand for silence. Two thousand of the kings Legion, hidden as commoners among the revelers leveled weapons at Tarsun and his men.

“I know of your treachery” the king said. And as he spoke, Caldus stepped from behind the throne to stand beside the king. Tarsun looked to Caldus and knew his plan had failed. A crooked smile made it’s way to Tarsun’s face.

LEGION”! as Tarsun screamed his four thousand men leveled spears and shield in perfect formation. “How many of your men are you willing to sacrifice to take us my king?”

The king, realizing the bloodshed that would take place in his capital city saw the stalemate. “You and your men are henceforth banished from my kingdom. Take your families, take your possesions, and leave this place forever.”

“As you wish, but before we depart, you should know. We do not tolerate traitors. Loyalty or Death….” As Tarsun spoke, he let loose a spear at the throne. The kings men instantly threw him to the ground and covered him, but the king was not the target. The spear took Caldus in the throat, killing him instantly. Then Tarsun and his men walked calmly out of the city, daring anyone to stop them.

One month later, Tarsun and his band of nearly 10,000 followers headed west, and established the first Tarsyn city of Clypus. Here, under Commander Tarsun’s tutelage and savage standards, men were trained in the art of war and combat. Skirmishes between the savage Narboskian and Ulfar to the north produced, over the next 400 years, the true vision of Tarsyn: the most elite soldiers Alloyrs has ever seen.

These ny-perfect physical beings understand combat and war better than anyone, their childhood is cruel if not downright abusive. Mothers care for their young untill they are old enough to begin training. Once of age, they are inducted in to the training schools, and here with rod and whip, educated about the harshness of their reailty. When their instructors are pleased with their progress, the children are transported across the border into Narbosk. Left to fight their way back to Clypus, only the truly hardened return, and are then considered true Tarsyn Citizens.

Women are treated no diffently than men in Tarsyn society, after all they are sometimes even more fierce than the men themseves. Women of Tarsys are very outspoken and boistrus, unlike their timid northern cousins of the Ulfar.

Religion in Tarsyn society is sparse at best, most gods are considered lesser dieties, if even worshiped at all, a far difference from their Alterian brothers. Here in Tarsys the god of War and Combat is paramount almost to a fault. Most Tarsyn don’t have a name for their god if asked for it, they seemingly act confused as to why any other god would exist.

The decentant of Tarsun still regins here, Emperor Claudius Argonis XIII.

FOR TARSYS!!” – One thousand Tarsyn soldiers in unison entering into battle.

Cities of note: Clypus, Lorsk, Winterholme, Primlinea


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